Lexicon Larry's

West Word

A unique blend of word game and arcade shooter.

The Falling Letter Gang is bringing chaos to the streets of West Word. As the new town Marshal it’s your job to restore order. ‘How?’ By shooting them, of course.

Lexicon Larry’s West Word is one part word game, one part arcade shooter, and all parts fun.

Raven Toll

The Ravens are flying and it's your job to put
them down


FrivolousTwist, LLC offers game development and outsourcing services.

Our first 5-star game, ‘Raven Toll’ was released on the App Store in January 2012. ‘Lexicon Larry’s West Word’, an educational word game, was released in January of 2014.

We are currently working with Incredible Technologies, Inc. on a mobile version of one of the best-known IPs in coin-op gaming.


Our team of dedicated artists and developers bring decades of combined experience to every project.

We provide our customers with unparalleled support. Let us bring your vision to life.


We believe in giving back to the gaming community. Watch here for upcoming tutorials targeting developers of all skill levels.

Our Team

Marc Gilbert

Marc Gilbert

President & Founder

Marc is an accomplished Information Technology leader with extensive experience bringing the best of web, mobile, and traditional architectures to some of the largest firms in the world. Marc brings a unique combination of professionalism and passion to every venture and there are few things he’s more passionate about than games.

Alex Gilbert

Alex Gilbert

Vice President & Co-Founder

Alex is an experienced Graphic Engineer and gifted developer who’s skills span Java, C#, C++, OpenGL, Unity3d and several other game programming technologies.

Stephanie Rivo

Stephanie Rivo

Artistic Lead

Stephanie is an industrial design student with a passion for the greater potential of video gaming and interaction design.

Steph entered the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Fine Arts major but quickly stumbled into design, then industrial design.

She was not disappointed and fell in love with the world-changing work produced from the field. She has never lost her love for illustration and graphic design.